Friday, February 25, 2011

jane winslett-richardson

Jane Winslett-5

I recently re-watched The Life Aquatic and have been a bit obsessed with Cate Blanchett's character, Jane Winslett-Richardson. I'm always inspired by the idea of packing the bare minimum and going out on an adventurous trip. Richardson is a simple character, but has such a strong demeanor. She always carries around an old-fashioned tape recorder and microphone and wears safari-like clothing. I've probably included too many pictures in this post, but how can I not when the entire movie could be made into a book of beautiful still images?




Janet Winslett-4

Converse Hi Tops $50
Vintage Panasonic Tape Recorder $16
Swann's Way $8.38 (Part of the 6 volume novel by Proust her character reads to her unborn child)
Waffle Weave Bathrobe $36
USN Canvas Sea Bag $18.99
Utility Jacket $168
Stamps of the World Poster $12


  1. Do more of these!!! I've always loved D*S's "Living In" posts. I have a feeling, though, that yours could be much better!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I really like those "Living In" posts also. I feel like I'm stealing the idea though I'll try to make it different somehow. I promise I'll do more although it won't be super often because it takes forever even though it's fun.

  3. Don't worry. Everyone steals ideas. :) Plus, yours is character driven, not movie driven. Maybe we could collaborate sometime! I've always wanted to do my own "Living In." There are so many good characters!


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