Sunday, June 20, 2010

the race to renegade

sa pin boxes 72 dpi

I just got back from an awesome tour with my band, The Denouement! You can see some photos from the tour here. Now it's time to start making a whole bunch of stuff for the Renegade Craft Fair! I'm getting a bit nervous about it. Today I screen printed a bunch of boxes for the leaf pins that I make. There's a lot more to do! Hopefully I'll have time to post in process pictures these upcoming weeks.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

birthday loot

It was my birthday last weekend and it was fun. Malachi and I walked around Little Tokyo in LA and Abbot-Kinney Street in Venice. I also got some cool presents! Another Come Home magazine to add to my meager collection, a Japanese craft book on felt animals, a wooden whistle, a SWEET backpack made in Peru and purchased at Reform School in Silverlake, and a couple of knitted animal finger puppets to add to another small collection I am starting. The knitted finger puppets are so beautifully made and were only $3 a piece! Thank you Malachi and my wonderful parents. :)

finger puppets


birthday books

Just as I am writing this a package has arrived at my door from my Small Adventure partner, Anna Hurley! Oh boy! So much cool stuff! Delicious treats made by Anna herself that came in beautiful Quattro Stagioni jars and chocolate and pink meringues and a vintage box of erasers and little cards with cool drawings all wrapped in pretty fabric. And topped off with a birthday card printed by Fugu Fugu Press! Thank you Anna! You are too awesome of a friend to me.



Lastly, a super versatile skirt that my sister made me for my birthday using a striped fabric and a gray elastic waistband with pockets of equally awesome fabric! I put this one last because the pictures I took of it aren't very good. I should have also ironed it before I took a picture. But the skirt itself is so beautifully made. I have been wearing it all the time because it's so comfortable and the colors are perfect. Thank you sister! I couldn't have asked for a better friend to grow up with.


skirt pockets
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