Friday, December 31, 2010

wood slice paintings

5 wood slices 72

woolly mammoth wood slice 72

gray squirrel wood slice 72

red fox wood slice 72

I made these wood slice paintings the week before the SF Renegade fair not expecting anyone to buy them. I was pleasantly surprised that I sold 4 out of 5! Two of them I sold to my booth neighbors, Paul and Kat. They were such cool people and I hope I get to see them again. My favorite wood slice was the woolly mammoth which Kat purchased along with the raccoon for her boyfriend Paul as a surprise Christmas present. I was sad to see the woolly mammoth go, but I am so glad that it went to a good home. The only one that didn't sell was the gray squirrel which I will put up in the Etsy shop. Tomorrow I will try to update the shop with the new stuff. Check back!

merry christmas and happy new year!


This holiday greeting is quite belated and I apologize. I've been recovering from the Renegades and trying to get over a bad cold. However, my husband will be working all night long tonight and sleeping most of tomorrow so I'll have lots of time to try to post some pictures from the SF Renegade fair and update the Etsy shop. It might be a bit sad spending most of New Year's by myself, but I'm actually looking forward to working on stuff and getting back into the groove I was in while working on illustrations and crafts for the fairs. So please check back soon to see some new things. And most importantly...Have a Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

renegade craft fair los angeles holiday 2010







These are some photos from the Holiday Renegade in LA from this past weekend. It went pretty well besides it being pretty hot outside! I didn't get a chance to walk around very much, but hopefully at the San Francisco Fair this upcoming weekend I'll get to take pictures of other booths and put them up here. Thanks to Erin Dollar for letting me share a booth with her and Malachi and my parents for helping me with customers in the tiring heat.

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