Friday, December 31, 2010

wood slice paintings

5 wood slices 72

woolly mammoth wood slice 72

gray squirrel wood slice 72

red fox wood slice 72

I made these wood slice paintings the week before the SF Renegade fair not expecting anyone to buy them. I was pleasantly surprised that I sold 4 out of 5! Two of them I sold to my booth neighbors, Paul and Kat. They were such cool people and I hope I get to see them again. My favorite wood slice was the woolly mammoth which Kat purchased along with the raccoon for her boyfriend Paul as a surprise Christmas present. I was sad to see the woolly mammoth go, but I am so glad that it went to a good home. The only one that didn't sell was the gray squirrel which I will put up in the Etsy shop. Tomorrow I will try to update the shop with the new stuff. Check back!


  1. I really like the fox and the mammoth slice. I hope you plan on making more so you can give those who couldn't be there at SF Renegade a chance to own one of these pieces!

  2. I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love the mammoth!

  3. Thanks Eric and Ashley! The mammoth was my favorite, too. Maybe I'll have to do another one.


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