Saturday, May 16, 2009

always and nevers

I've been tagged by Caitlin of the awesome Nice to name my fashion related alwayses and nevers. I don't normally talk about fashion type things on the blog, but it's been interesting thinking about the things I normally wear.  The nevers are much easier to think of than the alwayses. Okay, here goes.


1.  It's gotten to the stage where I almost feel kind of uncomfortable without all kinds of strings and ribbons tied around my wrists at all times.

2.  I would wear a cardigan every single day if I didn't live in Southern California where it gets unbearably hot during the summer.

3.  Flats.  Sorry that the insides of my shoes are so gross.

4.  Color.  As you can see, I'm don't own a lot of black or white things.  I like neutrals a lot, but usually when paired with softer color.

5.  Now that I'm married I will always be wearing my wedding ring.  I really like this ring.  It's rose gold with flowers engraved all over it.  We looked all over at flea markets and various pawn shop type places for something cool and about 3 days before the wedding we went to a small ring retailer in Pasadena and found it in a catalogue, which I thought would be unlikely. The photograph of it isn't the best, but I what can I say?  I wish I had a Canon 5D.


1.  I agree with Caitlin on this one.  No sweatpants or sweat suits ESPECIALLY with anything written on the butt and/or if it's made out of velour.  Sometimes ladies come into work wearing those things and I can't believe that they took the time to blow dry their hair straight, put on tons of makeup and then throw on those disgusting things.

2.  Heels.  Especially not out shopping or to work.  I think they look nice for the most part, but I am uncomfortable in them.  Check out these heels.  Pretty hot, yes?

3.  Animal print.

4.  High fashion designer label brands.

5.  Glitter or sequins on clothing.

So overall, I guess I dress pretty boring, but I like dressing comfortably and kind of simply.  But anyways, to move this tagging business right along, I guess I'll tag Atlantic Treefox and Paper Owl?  I apologize if you've been tagged already.  I don't really know very many people yet in this online craft community.  
Thanks Caitlin!


  1. i love the print on that blueish ribbon..and such a cute little bow.

    your wedding ring is lovely!

    hahah i'm glad you agree. and yeah..what is with getting all dolled up and wearing sweatpants? it's like the reverse bedhead idea??

    and what is that little girl doing with paris hilton?? haha sheesh

  2. Thank you again for the for the tag!

    You said in your comment that you would be interested in my giveaway,if you are still interested, you have to comment on the giveaway post itself to be included.
    (didn't want you to miss out)



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