Thursday, March 17, 2011

new house plants

plants 2

plants 1

plants 3

Some plants I got a few weeks ago but forgot to blog about. Since then a couple have died. When will I be better at keeping them living?


  1. i love your new house plants keiko! i'm addicted to buying greens!
    your place looks so sweet...

  2. ooohhh! noice! Why are you buying new plants and making your current residence look so cute when you're are soon to be re-cute-ify-ing a new place!!?? I can't wait to see THOSE photos... no pressure. ;)

  3. Thanks Jen!
    Danica: This was probably a month and a half ago way before we knew we were moving. And I got the plants free from work! I'm excited to have our new place all put together so we can have you guys over!


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