Tuesday, July 27, 2010

renegade la 2010








Hooray! It was a successful first Renegade. Thank you to everyone who was able to come visit the booth and say hi. It was so nice to see friends and meet some new people. Unfortunately I didn't have very much time to get up and walk around and take pictures of other booths, but there were some great crafts and talented people. My favorites of the booths I saw included Berkley Illustration, Chez Sucre Chez, randL, Dan Bob Thompson, ErinzamEri SugimotoFern Works,  Flock Home, Fugu Fugu PressI Made You A BeardJen Skelley, Krank PressLove Nail Tree, Miniature RhinoNate DuvalOh Hello Friend, Paper PastriesPie Bird PressPlantedRae DunnRebeRibbit StopitSycamore Street Press, The Birds and the BeastsThief and Bandit and Thing. I'm sure I missed a lot of vendors in my haste to get back to my booth so you should check out the complete list of vendors on Renegade's site.

Thank you to Eva of Sycamore Street Press for including my booth in her roundup of Renegade on Poppytalk. I am very honored.

I'm working on getting up all the new items you see in these pictures up in the Etsy shop for sale as soon as possible.  Keep checking back to see the bird and alphabet prints, bird card sets, wooden earrings, and possibly individual bird prints and a new version of the reusable manila (yellow) envelope.  Thank you to Malachi and my parents for helping me run the booth and to Erin Dollar of I Made You A Beard for sharing her space with me!


  1. You are the best, you know that? Can I call you soon/tomorrow/andthenextday?

  2. Are you coming to Renegade SF? If so, I hope to see you there. I haven't seen you since choir days @ LLA. :) Hope you still remember me!


  3. Anna: No no no. You are the one who is the best! And yes call me NOW.

    Allison: Hey there! Of course I remember you! Wow, what are you up to these days? I'm unfortunately not going to the SF Renegade this year. But I will hopefully be doing the Christmas one there. Do you live in SF?

  4. keikooooooo. your pictures speak a thousand words! you are so amazing! are those bow and arrow earrings i see?!!? how did you make those?! i can see you selling your work at the curiosity shoppe in sf! wishing you were comingthis wknd...

  5. aww sad! yes, i'm in the Bay Area! I will look out for you during the Christmas one then! :) Take care!

  6. Jen: Thank you for your kind words! I did some bow and arrow earrings. They are laser cut. I would love to sell stuff at the Curiosity Shoppe. Perhaps I will try to get in touch with them sometime about that. Hope I get to see you soon!

    Allison: It would be great to see you! Hope to see you in Nov/Dec then!


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