Sunday, May 9, 2010

rose bowl arts and crafts festival!

I sat at my very own half booth today at the Rose Bowl Arts and Crafts Festival for the first time! Money-wise, I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but there seemed to be a pretty fair amount of interest. I also got to talk to my cousin, Michelle of Green Suitcases, who shared the booth with me and made some great sales! I had a fantastic time and I would like to do it again as soon as possible. We found out that we got into the festival this past Friday night and had one day to throw together all the materials for a booth. Yikes! Next time we will be more prepared and our booth will definitely look awesomer. But I was surprised how well everything went considering the amount of time we had. The day was gloomier than expected and I had not dressed well for the weather. And now I'm sick! But still totally worth it.

Here are some pictures of it.







  1. sister it all looks so good!

  2. wow. well done. your stuff is inspiring! i need to get on top of things! forealdo!

  3. keiko congrats on your first booth experience! looks so fun (an amazing!)


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