Wednesday, January 20, 2010

some new projects in the works

This is my second attempt at making a miniature stuffed llama and boy was it a failure.  It ended up having a bunch of holes at the seams and after I had mended them all and was stuffing the llama before the last step I accidently tore a big hole right through the back leg.  There was no mending it.  So I gave up for now.  Let's not even talk about my first attempt.

On a better note these are some painted and unpainted leaves that I will soon make into brooches to sell.  These were painted by Malachi Ward.


  1. I LOVE BOTH. Seriously. I'm sorry to hear that your first attempt was a bit trying, but it looks super cute!! :)

  2. keiko! the llama is soooo cute. definitely not a failure! :)
    i adore the leaves as well!
    i'm always so inspired by your work!

  3. Llama? Llama! I want to buy it. give it to baby london.


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